U.S. Health Care vs. The World [Infographic]

With the start of a new year comes continued debate over the efficacy of our domestic health care systems and implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The conversation is far from over, and gauging the success of these initiatives is hardly an exact science — but learning more about how other nations are grappling with similar challenges and possible impediments to the health of their respective populations might be a good place to start. To help clarify the differences between world health care systems, the online Master of Public Health program (MPH@GW) created U.S. Health Care vs. The World, an infographic that shows how health care in the U.S. stacks up when compared to 16 other countries around the world. The data in the graphic is provided by the World Health Organization (WHO)’s World Health Statistics 2013 report — the annual compilation of world health data.

Share the infographic below to raise awareness of how health care in the U.S. compares to the rest of world.

US Health Care vs The World Infographic