The Technology Behind MHA@GW

The Executive Master of Health Administration at the George Washington University School of Public Health and Health Services, also known as MHA@GW, is a unique online program that prepares working professionals for leadership roles within the health care or health services industry. With an innovative online platform, dynamic multimedia coursework and live face-to-face classes, MHA@GW empowers students to attend classes from anywhere in the world. The online format provides an ideal learning experience with maximum flexibility and convenience.

An Innovative Virtual Classroom

MHA@GW uses state-of-the-art technology and live video conferencing to create an intimate classroom environment with a small student-to-professor ratio of 10:1. Through the online platform, students view faculty-designed multimedia coursework, listen to lectures and participate in meaningful, live discussions via webcam. Each lecture is recorded and available for review later, and online office hours allow students to interact one-on-one with professors for follow-up questions.

The online platform is designed to encourage participation and high levels of engagement. Students can press a button that allows them to virtually “raise their hand” if they have a question or comment they would like to share. Students can also participate in virtual breakout sessions for small-group discussions and projects. The combination of self-paced coursework and weekly, live classes fosters an engaging, collaborative learning environment that helps create lasting connections between students and faculty.

A support services team is also available to provide technical assistance and help students get comfortable with the online learning system, no matter their level of technological expertise.

Rigorous Coursework from a Renowned University

For more than 50 years, the George Washington University School of Public Health and Health Services has been committed to developing strong leaders in the field of health care and health services. MHA@GW continues this reputation of excellence through its innovative online program, which features the same advanced curriculum, renowned faculty and high standards as the residential program.

MHA@GW students learn the six major skill sets necessary for a successful career in health administration, which include management and strategy, finance and economics, quality improvement, information technology and decision science, community health and quantitative methods, and law and regulation. This coursework is taught during eight 10-week online modules utilizing the MHA@GW online classroom.

Strong Faculty and Student Connections

While students progress through each module and gain specialized expertise, they also have the opportunity to build a global professional network with other aspiring health care administrators. Students interact with each other through online social connection channels, weekly classes and four immersive on-campus learning experiences. Because every student in the program is required to have at least three years of work experience in health care and health services, each student is able to offer a unique perspective, and in turn, other students gain helpful takeaways they might not otherwise discover. In addition, students have access to the vast resources GW has to offer, such as libraries, student and career services and a prestigious alumni network.

The convenient online platform fosters an intimate learning environment that makes it easy to network with other professionals in the field. Through dynamic online classes and rigorous coursework, MHA@GW empowers busy working professionals to gain the skills they need to advance their careers while continuing to work full time.