Student Spotlight: Edgard Gomez

MHA@GW students come from a wide range of professional backgrounds, but they are all united by a desire to gain the leadership skills needed to improve health care systems overall. Edgard Gomez is one such example. Through his job as a Regional Account Executive at NORCAL Mutual, Gomez has firsthand knowledge of the rapid shifts occurring in the field of health care, and he is earning an MHA in order to be at the forefront of change. Learn more in the interview below.

Tell us a bit about yourself. Why did you decide to earn an MHA degree?

I interact with physicians, practice administrators and members of the health care community on a daily basis. They all consistently express how uncertain they feel about the future of our health care system as it is rapidly transforming, particularly with respect to the Affordable Care Act. The sense of uncertainty is not ill-founded; health service is an intertwined ecosystem comprised of patients, physicians, health allied personnel, facility administrators, health care insurance companies, medical liability carriers, law makers and many other health care factions — and we are all in it together. It is my responsibility and opportunity, as a player in this ecosystem, to develop skill sets that will position me to be a transformational health service leader. I’ve embarked on this journey by earning my MHA.

Why did you choose MHA@GW?

I looked at various MHA programs before I decided to pursue my MHA through the George Washington University. All the programs I looked into provided a solid curriculum designed for working professionals; what “sealed the deal” for me, though, was meeting Dr. Leonard Friedman, the director of the program. When I met with Dr. Friedman, I instantly knew he was a person I wanted to learn from.

What “sealed the deal” for me was meeting Dr. Leonard Friedman, the director of the program. When I met with Dr. Friedman, I instantly knew he was a person I wanted to learn from.

Did you have any reservations about earning this degree online?

I did have reservations about earning my MHA degree online, but the immersion portion of the MHA@GW program eased those concerns and solidified my decision to choose the George Washington University. Having completed my first semester, I can say with all confidence that the online technology used for the MHA@GW program has surpassed my expectations — it is easy to use and facilitates interaction with professors and classmates. It’s just like being in the classroom. I feel fortunate the George Washington University extended an invitation for me to join MHA@GW, and accepting the invitation was the best decision I could have made.

What excites you most about the program?

There are three things that excite me most about the program: The program curriculum is relevant and applicable to practice (not just theoretical), my learning experience is greatly enhanced by classmates who reside all over the United States, and my professors genuinely desire to share their knowledge and experience in health care with me.

What has been your favorite part of your experience at MHA@GW?

My favorite part of my experience at MHA@GW has been the interaction I have with my classmates.

What are you hoping to accomplish upon graduation?

Upon graduation, I endeavor to a be a health care leader who will be at the forefront of change, playing a direct role in guiding the transformation of our health service ecosystem, making it relevant, effective and less uncertain.