Student Spotlight: Thomas Jackson

Current Position:

Program Support Specialist, Deloitte

Meet Thomas Jackson, an MHA@GW student who also works as a program support specialist at Deloitte. Thomas enjoys the combination of live online classes and in-person immersion experiences offered through MHA@GW, and he hopes to use his degree to help improve health systems on a larger scale. In today’s student spotlight, Thomas discusses his educational experience and what excites him most about MHA@GW.

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I spent the latter part of my childhood in Indianapolis, Indiana, where I graduated from high school and completed my undergraduate studies at Taylor University in northern Indiana. In 2006, I was commissioned as an officer in the U.S. Army. In 2008, I served in Iraq with the 4th Infantry Division. I left active military in 2011 and returned to graduate school. After earning a graduate degree in Organizational Leadership, I started working as a program analyst at a VA hospital. It was during this job that I realized my passion for health care administration, especially within the VA medical setting.

Why and when did you decide to earn an MHA degree?

I decided to earn an MHA degree at GW in early 2014, while working at a VA hospital. I read about the program online and felt that I could enhance my skills to better contribute to the VA medical system on a larger scale. So I applied to GW and prepared myself for a new career in the health care field.

Why did you choose the MHA@GW program?

I decided to pursue the MHA@GW program because it was highly recommended by current students of the program. I also saw GW as a great school from which to build a professional network in a new career in health care.

What excites you most about the program?

I like the hybrid nature of the program. I have earned degrees from a 100 percent online college and a 100 percent traditional on-campus setting. The GW technology works best for my learning style.

Do you have a favorite module and professor?

Immersion, immersion, immersion! At the end of my first immersion in September 2014, I saw many of my fellow students in tears — they were sad to conclude the great experience we had during those few days. I have never experienced anything like that in a academic setting. Professor Friedman is by far my favorite of all the awesome professors in this program.

We are so glad that you enjoyed the MHA@GW immersion!

It was awesome — one of the best experiences I’ve had in an academic setting — both in terms of what we learned in those few days and the wonderful interactions between students and staff.