Student Elevating His Health Care Career by Adding an MHA to His MBA

MHA@GW student Henry Howington is a patient access support analyst at Emory Healthcare in Peachtree City, Georgia. Currently in the internal medicine specialties division, he has also worked in primary care, geriatrics and cardiology. Having already earned a dual MBA in project management and health care management, he wanted to take his leadership skills and knowledge of the health care industry to a higher level. When he learned about MHA@GW, the George Washington University’s innovative online Executive Master of Health Administration program, he knew he had found the right match.

“MHA@GW is tailored more toward the health care industry than my MBA was,” Howington says. “Plus, the leadership where I work understands the value of an MHA, and actively encouraged me to pursue it — even when it was just an idea. They support me and my efforts to complete the program and assure me it will translate into greater career satisfaction.” 

Why GW? A fifth-generation alumnus of Brenau University in Gainesville, Georgia, Howington says he loves his alma mater, “And I always will. But I wanted a deeper look into the health care industry. The MHA@GW program gives me that and more. It offers unprecedented opportunity to access the corridors of power in this nation. I want to influence health care policy on the state and national levels, and the connections made at GW will allow me to test my ideas and learn so much more than I could anywhere else.”

The MHA@GW program also makes it possible for Howington to achieve his academic goals without compromising his career or personal life. When discussing the challenges that come with juggling work, school and family, he says, “It seems like old hat now that I’ve done it, but there are always unique challenges. Ensuring I have a quiet space to attend the live sessions can be interesting with an 8-year-old girl at home. But she is wonderful and respects my time.” 

One of his favorite things about the MHA@GW program is his fellow classmates. “They are simply awesome people,” he says. “The small group that I have in my cohort now is wonderful. I have made friends and connected with professional colleagues in numerous states and various fields of health care. The experience alone is enough to join the program.”

For those considering the MHA@GW program — particularly those who already have an MBA — Howington’s advice is, “Do it. The MHA is the best degree to complement your MBA. If you want to be in the health care field in any capacity, I highly recommend pairing the MBA with the MHA, especially one from GWU.”

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