Understanding Chronic Conditions Through Big Data

There’s little doubt that big data is more than a buzzword; it represents a cultural shift in the way many industries operate. How can the health care industry better harness data to improve the tracking, analysis and treatment of chronic conditions.

Write for us! Call for Guest Articles

Write for us! We're looking for guest articles from students, professionals, and writers with expertise in the public health and health administration fields. 

U.S. Health Care vs. The World [2016]

When it comes to health care, how does the U.S. stack up against 16 other OECD nations? The following infographic explores the topic using updated 2015 World Health Organization (WHO) statistics.

24 Healthcare Conferences to Attend in 2016

Attending a healthcare conference doesn't just provide valuable networking opportunities; it can also be an effective strategy to access needed resources and learn from experts in the field. Take a look at our list of 24 healthcare conferences that health administration professionals should consider attending in 2016 to learn more.

54 Healthcare Blogs to Read in 2016

Staying on top of new developments can be a challenge for busy healthcare professionals. Fortunately, for every sector of the healthcare industry, there is at least one if not numerous blogs filled with useful data, updates, insights and infographics. And as the industry expands at a blistering pace, so does the blog count, making it all the more difficult to sort out the most essential reading. Here we've collected some of the best 

10 Non-Clinical Career Options for Health Administrators

Working in health administration doesn’t always mean working in a hospital. Learn more about the variety of jobs for health care administrators with a Master of Health Administration (MHA) that do not involve working in a clinical setting.