10 Non-Clinical Career Options for Health Administrators

Working in health administration doesn’t always mean working in a hospital. Learn more about the variety of jobs for health care administrators with a Master of Health Administration (MHA) that do not involve working in a clinical setting.

9 Careers in Clinical Administration

Many health care administrators choose to work in clinical environments. Learn more about the career paths available as a health care administrator in the clinical environment.

16 Careers in Health Care Planning and Management

Many health care administrators work in the field of planning and management. They support health care providers by ensuring the medical facility is run efficiently. To attain a position at a leadership level, many health care administrators must earn a Master of Health Administration (MHA). Learn more about the different career paths in health care planning and management. 

10 Health Care Careers in the C-Suite

Reaching the C-suite, or highest level of executives, is a goal for many hospital administrators. At this level, administrators have a large scope of responsibility. For professionals in the health care field, earning a Master of Health Administration (MHA) is almost essential to be selected for a position at this level.

The MHA@GW Video Interview: Tips for Success

Video interviews are often used by colleges and universities — including the George Washington University — as a means for getting to know prospective students. More personal than a phone call and more convenient than an in-person meeting, a video interview provides . . .

TEDMED #GreatChallenges: Can Consumers Change the Business of Health Insurance?

A recent TEDMED #GreatChallenges discussion explained how, with the right tools and access to technology, consumers can advocate for their own health while helping to drive the greatest changes in health care.