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Understanding Medicare for All

Since Senator Bernie Sanders proposed his plan for Medicare for All in mid-September, more than 16 Democrat senators have voiced their support for a single-payer system. Professor Sara Rosenbaum discusses what “single-payer” actually means, and the questions we should be asking about it.

Guide to Careers in Health Care Consulting

During the past five years, the demand for health care consultants has increased because of the growing complexities in health care and the need for specialty services to address them. To help you determine whether this path is right for you, MHA@GW has created the Guide to Careers in Health Care Consulting.

APHA 2016: Confronting the Non-Communicable Disease Challenge

Since the advent of modern-day antibiotics and other effective treatments for infectious diseases, non-communicable diseases (NCDs), such as diabetes and heart disease, have become an enormous threat to human health around the globe. A recent APHA session discussed several different ways to analyze and respond to the global NCD epidemic.

APHA 2016: Taking a Human Rights-Based Approach to the Sustainable Development GoalsĀ 

How can we achieve better health in areas where basic human rights aren’t afforded to all? This question was at the heart of a recent APHA 2016 session on human rights-based approaches to the U.N.’s 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

APHA 2016: Improving Urban Health Through Green Spaces

For many people, the relationship between health equity and green spaces isn’t immediately apparent. A recent APHA 2016 session, however, explored some of the most convincing arguments for green development as means of improving health.