Joseph Mabururu, MHA

CEO, Sunset Homes Assisted Living Inc.

What was the type and focus of your organizational research project, and why did you choose that focus area?

I focused on evaluating implementation of a sustainable retail clinic center in the Maasai community in Narok County, Kenya.

I chose this focus because the community’s infant mortality rate and maternal mortality rates were high. The community has strong cultural beliefs on using herbal medicine, and they do not trust Western medicine. My goal was to improve the health status of the community by 2030 through education, development of business enterprises and improvement of health care access.

What did you find most beneficial/rewarding when preparing your e-portfolio and/or your research project?

The most rewarding aspect of my e-portfolio preparation was realizing how well thought out the program was, and how it helped me, as a student, achieve the results I dreamed about before starting the journey.

Coming in, I thought I knew how to lead, but my thoughts changed soon after the first immersion and first module. The program provided me with the opportunity to learn how to be an effective leader and how to be agile while exercising my leadership style.

How did the curriculum and/or faculty prepare you for completing this assignment?

The panel of experts who shared their thoughts during web-based module presentations were very helpful, and the arrangement of the modules was well organized. The fact that we ended the program with systems-thinking made a lot of sense and tied everything together nicely.

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