Charmaine Emelife, MHA

Senior Partner, Atlanta South Nephrology

What was the type and focus of your organizational research project, and why did you choose that focus area?

We conducted a retrospective review of patient admission and discharge records over a one-year period, looking at readmissions that fell into the one-month penalty.

This research was based on the hypothesis that using a multidisciplinary approach will solve the problem of frequent readmissions in the high-risk population. This will help reduce the loss that hospitals started to incur following the Hospital Readmission Reduction Program (HRRP), a part of the of the Affordable Care Act. HRRP required the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to reduce payments to inpatient prospective payment system hospitals with excess admissions since October 2012. We specifically looked at patients with heart failure for this study.

By choosing this project, I was able to begin research that could be potentially useful for my organization, save money in lost payments, and help improve quality of patient care and experience. 

What did you find most beneficial/rewarding when preparing your e-portfolio and/or your research project?

Delving into the different module topics provided an opportunity to stop and think deeply about the subject matter of that module and appreciate the topics discussed. I enjoyed the research process of evaluating medical records, including insurance coverage, readmissions and circumstances surrounding each patient’s experience.

How did the curriculum and/or faculty prepare you for completing this assignment?

The e-portfolio instructions were helpful. The site was not difficult to navigate. The reminders to complete the e-portfolio helped to redirect attention to it, given the amount of time spent completing the modules. With the help of my faculty adviser and my organizational preceptor, navigating the project was manageable.

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