Healthcare Management and Strategy

5 Credits

Module Description

This module provides a detailed examination of the core principles of management and strategy that are required by persons holding management and leadership roles in health care delivery organizations.

Module Objectives

Upon completion of the module, students should be able to:

  • Improve skills in enhancing team performance, problem solving, and decision making
  • Apply the perspectives of organization theory to health care delivery organizations
  • Practice methods to enhance personal and small-group communication
  • Distinguish barriers to organizational change and identify methods to overcome resistance to change
  • Use concepts and theories of organization behavior to understand variation in diverse cultures, communities, and organizations
  • Develop mechanisms to improve employee performance through multiple motivational perspectives
  • Articulate strategic problems and challenges facing health services organizations
  • Identify the major stake holders in health services organizations
  • Perform both external and internal environmental assessments
  • Determine the linkage of mission, vision, and values to strategic direction
  • Identify the elements of a successful marketing plan for health services organizations
  • Develop and choose among multiple strategic alternatives

Meet the faculty of Module 1: Healthcare Management and Strategy, the first learning module in the MHA@GW program:

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