The MHA@GW curriculum is made up of eight 10-week learning modules, broken into four separate cohorts. Students attend four real-world immersion experiences held on campus and at selected health care facilities. The final organizational research project, Systems Thinking and Learning, is divided into two parts and completed during the final cohort.

Each learning module focuses on different core skill sets required for optimal delivery of health care. The faculty-designed course work provides students with the necessary skills and knowledge to improve the function and efficiency of health care organizations.

In total, the MHA degree requires 50 credits to complete.


Organizational Research Project

In parallel with modules 6 and 7, students complete an organizational research project in which they choose to either evaluate an organization, develop a business plan, or complete a literature review that will allow them to solve a specific operational issue. During the Organizational Research Project 1 course, students will work with a preceptor to develop the prospectus for their project. Students will then complete their project during the Organizational Research Project 2 course.

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